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Quilting Services

Longarm Quilting Services

Basting Services

Longarm Quilting Services


We offer edge-to-edge designs with our computerized longarm quilting machine.  We have a short turn-around time and a huge variety of quilting designs.  By using the finest longarm machine, thread, and batting, we are able to produce the highest quality results.

Batting is available for purchase.


We can also attach the binding. Stitched by machine to the front for you to complete. Or stitched to the front and turned to the back and hand stitched.


We take extra care with your quilt and provide skilled quality service and personal attention to detail.


Basting Services


We offer basting services for hand quilters or home machine quilters.


No more sprays or pins or back breaking work!


Basting is done in rows and columns for the entire length and width of the quilt in 3-inch to 4-inch blocks. Large stitches make it easy to remove once your hand stitching is completed.


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